Gua Sha Course – Adelaide – November 17
The aim of the Gua Sha Day is getting practitioners on the right track with a thorough knowledge and practical skills-set for successful practice.We explore the methods and applications of gua sha, otherwise known as 'spooning'. By drawing a smooth edged instrument across the skin where an injury or imbalance resides, a distinctive reddening of the skin, known as "sha" can be observed. This is 'colouration' is a positive response and brings immediate and lasting benefits by reducing inflammation, coldness, tightness and pain from both the superficial and deeper levels of the body.Typically gua sha is very effective for treating all forms of injury, as well as heat syndromes, dizziness, chills and aches. In short, it has been said: "if there is illness, gua sha treats it; if there is no illness, it strengthens our bodies".
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Modern Cupping – Adelaide – November 22
Now you can introduce into your practice, a compliment of completely new cupping techniques and a host of new applications for cupping using a superior range of non - flame cupping instruments.
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Master Class – Adelaide – November 19
In the 3 day Master Class you will discover a whole world of traditional cupping. After completion you will confidently take a huge amount of cupping know-how and practices directly to your clinic.
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