Fascia strengthening liniment
This herbal formula is designed to repair injured fascia. The Chinese herbs soaked in alcohol, are warming and absorb readily into the surface tissue. We have trialed and tested this liniment in conjunction with cupping, and the synergistic effect of the two is featured in the ‘Cupping Deficiency’ essay – where a case involving long term injury responded immediately (see p.26)*. We use top quality Grade A herbs in quantities that ensure effective results. Each bottle is 100ml.   Not to be used during pregnancy. “I find Health Traditions herbal Fascia Strengthening and External Injury Liniments to be essential in complete tissue repair – and my clients love it! When I use these in combination with cupping, I explain that the skin pores are warmed and open and so absorb the liniment so effectively – and the herbs do their job repairing connective tissue (fascia). I am also constantly using the External Injury Liniment for all kinds of soft tissue problems. An online order from the Health Traditions website arrives promptly at my busy Melbourne clinic.” Tessa Mahy Soft Tissue Injury Specialist
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Massage turtle
This massage tool is well designed to fit securely into the palm of the hand to massage and release tightness and relieve pain throughout the entire body. Can use on a daily basis throughout the arms – is a great way to keep them free from discomfort. In addition, the baubles can be pressed into acu-points without undue stress and hard work. In clinic, the “Massage Turtle” makes the job easy and effective.
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External injury liniment
Formulated and made by Health Traditions. The Chinese herbs, soaked in alcohol, have been used traditionally to rapidly assist in mending injured soft tissue, move qi and blood to reduce swelling and bruising, and dissipate pain. Applied before cupping is also a traditional method to aid healing. We use top quality Grade A herbs in quantities that ensure effective results. Each bottle is 100ml.
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