Online Mentoring & Clinical Case Solving

Bring me (Bruce) any issues and queries, primarily concerning cupping &/or gua sha, such as:

  • Problem solving
  • Difficult cases
  • Making a diagnosis
  • Determining the best treatment to employ
  • Practical demonstrations and practical instruction on how to go about applying appropriate cupping techniques and performing gua sha.

and let me help you find a solution. There are in fact, many practical facets to could be considered to become an expert practitioner.

So bring your concerns, and come our time together, I’ll spring into action, give you my undivided attention and sort what you need to know. I’ll talk, and with demonstrations, guide you through what I believe to be the best way to approach and overcome any difficulties. It’s all about bringing the most satisfactory results for your patients (your clients), and you.

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For your information, my background includes:

  • A Masters Degree in Health Studies with a  thesis titled: Cupping as Therapeutic Technology
  • Research & teaching throughout the world in cupping and gua sha.
  • Founder & presenter of the world’s first cupping and gua sha workshops.
  • 40 years plus clinical experience
  • Current online weekly chats and presentations on cupping and gua sha
  • Author of many published essays on both subjects; with a book almost completed and waiting to be published.
  • Completion of a 5-year doctors training in Taiwan inc four years at the Chinese Acupuncture Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan (1976-81)
  • A 4 year degree in Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Engagements as a University lecturer and tutor in TCM and in the sociology of health and illness, recipient of government grants to investigate traditional medicine practices and writing extensive reports, former editorial advisor to WHO and presenter and rapporteur at international conferences, former nominated president of the World Ethnomedicine Foundation, and other such activities.

Each session will go for a half an hour. My aim will be nothing short of equipping you with all I know, and to bring your level of practice to the next level.

Please note: Of course, any other interests, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine and what I know of other health modalities, including massage, will be appreciated, suitably engaged, and brought into the mix to complete different treatments when required.