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Clear flexible silicone cupping set
Four cups sizes per set for versatile treatment applications. Cup where you never thought possible with these premium quality new generation of cupping tools. They are made from food-safe quality silicone, are fully transparent and very easy to compress and apply, and feel luxurious when used for all cupping purposes, including sliding cupping. You can even submerge them in hot water and dry them off to apply hot on the body for additional pain relief and myofascial stretching. These really are a ‘must have’ for any cupping therapist! Buy two sets to synchronize bi-lateral cup placement and receive a price reduction. Each set of cups comes in a nice velvet bag with a comprehensive booklet of instructions. (PS: Please beware of poor quality imitations).
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Semi transparent silicone cupping set
This set comprising four semi-transparent food-safe quality silicone cups of different sizes, are from large to small) 6.5cm diameter & 7cm height, 5cm & 5.5 cm, 4cm & 4.5 and 3cm & 3.5cm). They have a slightly more robust tension than the transparent ones. This allows them to draw marginally stronger on the soft tissue when required.
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Vacuum pump cup set
Here is a set of 15 different sized plastic cups and pump in a sturdy carry case at a very affordable price. We have consistently used this product for over 15 years and it has proved to be reliable and easy to use. You can also comfortably treat yourself by applying three cups across the shoulder girdle, in between the deltoid spaces for example, to draw out fatigue toxins due to injury or overuse. They make an excellent buy and are just as good as far more expensive sets.
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Facial cups
The three-piece set of differently shaped and sized miniature cups are designed precisely for facial applications. The rubber aspirator pump head for this set of cups have been imported from the USA. These are used to relieve facial tension, headache, sinus pain and some skin conditions including heated symptoms such as rosacea, rashes and pimples. Like the Dome Cups, they are a joy to use and feel very smooth.
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Clear flexible silicone cupping set bundle
Buy two sets to synchronize bi-lateral cup placement and receive a price reduction. This bundle contains 2 x clear flexible silicone cupping sets.
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Dome cups
This set of Dome Cups comprises two beautiful, different sized cupping instruments, individually hand blown in Australia with a high quality imported German aspirator pump. They are especially suited for treatment throughout the arms and abdomen. The lip on the Dome cup is very smooth and these cups can be pumped to either light or surprisingly strong suction levels.
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Heavy gauge sponge forceps 18cm
Heavy duty and well made with a silver gloss finish, these 18cm sponge forceps are perfect for safely and efficiently performing flame cupping methods.
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external injury liniment bundle
External injury liniment bundle
This bundle includes 2 x external injury liniments. Each bottle is 100ml.
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Semi transparent silicone cupping set bundle
Buy two sets to synchronize bi-lateral cup placement and receive a price reduction. This bundle contains 2 x semi transparent silicone cupping sets.
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Large glass cups
These Vietnamese glass cups are our undisputed choice to use in class and in practice. They are lightweight and have an extended neck that provides enough space to snugly fit the hand around and perform sliding cupping better than any other cup we have come across. The lip is also smooth and rounded, unlike other heavier cups that have a wide, sharpish, flat rim. 10 cups are packed in each box.
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Medium cups
These Vietnamese glass cups are of the same quality as the larger version and suit people whose hand may not be large enough to comfortably hold a bigger cup. 10 cups are packed in each box.
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Traditional Cupping starter kit
This Traditional Cupping starter kit contains everything a practitioner needs. It includes 1 x small glass cup set, 1 x medium glass cup set, 1 x large glass cup set, 2 x forceps, and one liniment of your choice. Please let us know which one you would like, you can choose from: external injury or fascia strengthening liniment.
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