Cupping and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

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Wonderful to see this wise doctor highlighting cupping on her road to improvement, and who’s now helping others with such a difficult problem for biomedicine to come to terms with.

This is the often tragic story of EDS, which is the internal and external ineptitude of the fascia matrix throughout the body to function properly. Sufferers experience a broad range of problems in diabolical ways that require a re-think from regular reductionist assessments and logic-specifics. I think regular medicine is so slow on this uptake because an integrated body system challenges the very core of its separated Cartesian-based philosophy of the body and healing.

Dr Alissa Zingman has discovered the intimate relationship between the vacuum mechanism of cupping and its relationship with the fascia (referred to as ‘connective tissues in this write-up) – a hitherto considered unremarkable tissue that is the very weave and interconnected matrix of the body – yet so misunderstood.

I wrote the first essay about the synergy between cupping and the fascia in “Mending the Fascia with Modern Cupping” and was asked to shorten it for a version related to treating the hips in “Modern Cupping and Fascia“.

Btw: the reason (no apology mind you) why the “Mending the Fascia…” is a large piece is because, being the inaugural design and write-up on this new cupping vista required me to tick lots of boxes and so have it as a credible first presentation and able to hold its own under scrutiny. Important as well was to keep it an interesting read – so do hope you find it plenty deep, practical and engaging!

To see this Washington Post article and how these concepts are joined is my best New Year present. I’ll get in contact with her.

Btw I have my online chats starting up again on Jan 9 and online courses starting with Modern Cupping in February so please contact Jasmin, my colleague & PA, for info:

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