Therapeutic possibilities of silicone cupping

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Silicone cupping treatmentThere are so many therapeutic possibilities to be had by using silicone cupping vessels in association with stretches & mobilisations. This is included in our Modern Cupping Therapy Workshop.

The following sequence features the patient seated upright in a chair, with his hands interlocked behind the head. A cup is then applied and drawn down from the occipital line and across the supraspinous margin as a myofascial release for the neck and upper back.

You can note the practitioner rotating the body to release the midline and create a lateral stretch and so open a conduit for the cups to lift and clear tightness and blockages. This is only one aspect of the treatment. Many other moves are a part of such a treatment. Before this is performed, other preliminary techniques should first be adopted.

The patient after one treatment had tremendous relief from chronic neck pain and immobility.