The importance of quality cupping training

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Over the last 2 days on Facebook, I’ve seen 2 posts about cupping. For me, it is mind-numbing and breathtaking to see and endure the ignorance and the level of poor practice and misunderstanding that accompanies this age-old therapy – still so relevant in these current times. It’s why I presented and continue to teach the world’s first cupping (and gua sha ) workshops… because even back then, we’ll over 20 years ago, it was so badly performed that someone needed to take the time to do it justice and teach it properly.

Now it is so popular, of course there’s going to be unscrupulous people posing as instructors who jump on the bandwagon. Avoid these ‘legends in their own mind’ at all cost! Indeed why not come and study with me at Health Traditions. I’ve spent most of my long career with deep research, practice and writing on ‘vacuum applied to the skin surface for a therapeutic effect’ – to the set the record straight and teach it like it deserves and warrants – with ‘spirit & depth’. That’s why that turn of phrase is the logo for Health Traditions cupping and gua sha workshops.

Follow my (Bruce Bentley) “Health Traditions” fb page and go to: to enrol in workshops. On site there’s also many essays (in many languages) to read, including “A Cupping Mark is Not a Bruise”; which holds true unless the practice is performed so poorly that it does indeed cause injury – just like any therapy can when performed inappropriately. It is all explained in this essay, the first and only written work on this subject.

In addition you’ll also find the essay “Mending the Fascia with Modern Cupping” – again an inaugural essay. After reading it, Kit Laughlin, author, developer and presenter of Stretch Therapy wrote “ I think that cupping is uniquely positioned to directly affect the superficial fascia and is better at achieving a positive change than any other technique I currently know of. I thoroughly recommend Bruce’s work”.